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Sitting at my desk

Posted by kernelbob on July 10, 2009

Last night I sat at my new desk for the first time.  And I’m sitting at it now.  The cabinets are finished.  The audio equipment rack is finished.  The monitor is mounted and wired.   The computer is hooked up.  And amazingly, the desk fits very well.  The keyboard height, the monitor height and distance, and the speaker placement all work.  (And they’re all non-adjustable.  Yikes!)

There are still some things to be done.  I’m trying to order some prints from Paul Cliff in England.  I found the perfect speaker wire at Jerry’s (Jerry’s is a regional treasure, BTW)  and need to buy it and install it.  The wires behind the computer could be hidden better.  And Jacque and I are still looking for the perfect wall plates for the electrical outlets and Ethernet jacks.  But it’s looking really close to finished.

We’re taking the “official” photos this Friday.

Meanwhile, Jacque posted some new photos on Flickr this week.

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Desk photos

Posted by kernelbob on June 11, 2009

Riley wants to be a model.

Riley wants to be a model.

Jacque came by today to fit the drawer fronts to my new desk.  While she was here, we cleaned up the room and took some pictures.

Lots more pictures after the break.

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Jacque’s photostream of my desk

Posted by kernelbob on April 26, 2009

Jacque has been keeping a photo stream on Flickr about my desk.

Here’s the link.

The desk is now nearly installed.  It’s in place in my office and assembled, but it isn’t bolted to the wall yet.  And the drawers are not yet in, and some other details are unfinished.

Jacque intends to enter it into an on-line art exhibit and contestt that a friend of ours is organizing.  We’ll have to arrange a photo shoot to get the best possible images.

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Concrete instantiation

Posted by kernelbob on March 2, 2009

Fitting a plate

Fitting a plate

Way back when, I mentioned that I’m getting a new concrete desk.

It’s been a long project, but progress continues.  On Saturday, Jacque set reinforcing plates into the office floor.  There are two plates, one onder each leg.  They are steel, 1/4 inch thick, and long enough to straddle two joists.

Here Jacque is test-fitting one of the plates.

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