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Posted by kernelbob on August 14, 2009

We’ve had a lot of fun on this trip and done some wonderful stuff.  However, visiting Milan was not one of them.  First, it’s hot here.  32° C (90° F) and most buildings are hotter inside.

Secondly, the city is on vacation this month.  The city is especially on vacation this weekend, because today, 15.8, is a national holiday, celebrating the assumption of the Virgin.  Last night we walked for an hour looking for an open restaurant.  (We finally found one.)

Nonetheless, the National Museum for Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci was a good find.  We saw models of many of Leonardo’s inventions and some other exhibits, including a recreation of a circa 1950 steelworks.

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At the driving range

Posted by kernelbob on July 25, 2008

Which one is the golfer?

Which one is the golfer?

On Tuesday, some of us went to the driving range at lunchtime.  The man in the picture who has his own clubs and looks like he’s done this before is Ted, my boss.  I’m the one who’s trying to rake the mat.

There are pictures of me swinging, too, but my form is not so good.  The last time I held a golf club it was in high school gym class…

This driving range is across the river from TiVo’s offices.  I offered a reward to anyone who could put a ball through their window.

I’ve been at work in San Jose all week.  This afternoon I’ll be back on the road.  Planning to spend the night in Ashland again.

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Nothing Happened.

Posted by kernelbob on July 20, 2008

Quiet day with the Smiths in San Jose.  Played with toddler.  Poked at my laptop for a while.  Ate three meals.  Hung out.  Checked into my hotel at 9:30 pm.

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Posted by kernelbob on July 19, 2008

Smoke along Hwy 96

Smoke along Hwy 96

Today I’m writing a travel ‘blog.  I’m in the middle of a short road trip to California.

Yesterday after work I drove down to Ashland.

Today I drove through a forest fire, found the Travel Log, and entered the Bay Area.

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