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At the driving range

Posted by kernelbob on July 25, 2008

Which one is the golfer?

Which one is the golfer?

On Tuesday, some of us went to the driving range at lunchtime.  The man in the picture who has his own clubs and looks like he’s done this before is Ted, my boss.  I’m the one who’s trying to rake the mat.

There are pictures of me swinging, too, but my form is not so good.  The last time I held a golf club it was in high school gym class…

This driving range is across the river from TiVo’s offices.  I offered a reward to anyone who could put a ball through their window.

I’ve been at work in San Jose all week.  This afternoon I’ll be back on the road.  Planning to spend the night in Ashland again.


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All pinball, all the time.

Posted by kernelbob on July 20, 2008

Yesterday Brad and I went to California Extreme.  CA Extreme is an arcade game show.  There were several dozen pinball tables there and countless video consoles.  I don’t know how many games I played, but it was many.  We also attended a couple of talks, and I met famous designer Steve Ritchie, who is even more deaf than I am.

I saw a Monster Bash there for sale for $6400.  That’s overpriced, but still…

Then, back at Brad’s house, we played ball with his son Dax for a while, had supper, and — yes! — played more pinball after dinner.  Brad has four excellent games: Black Knight 2000 (by Steve Ritchie), Star Trek, the Next Generation (by Steve Ritchie), Scared Stiff, and Star Trek 25th Anniversary.  I played until my wrists were throbbing, probably a couple of hours.  (I didn’t actually get to the throbbing stage at the show.)

Then we watched the DVD, Tilt, about the decline and fall of the pinball industry.

Did I mention that I’m sleeping in the game room, surrounded by pinball and video games?

It was a fun day.  I just wish there were more pinball in it.

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