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Jacque’s photostream of my desk

Posted by kernelbob on April 26, 2009

Jacque has been keeping a photo stream on Flickr about my desk.

Here’s the link.

The desk is now nearly installed.  It’s in place in my office and assembled, but it isn’t bolted to the wall yet.  And the drawers are not yet in, and some other details are unfinished.

Jacque intends to enter it into an on-line art exhibit and contestt that a friend of ours is organizing.  We’ll have to arrange a photo shoot to get the best possible images.


4 Responses to “Jacque’s photostream of my desk”

  1. Garl said

    Who’d you have build the desk and where are the pictures of the completed, installed desk?

  2. kernelbob said

    Hi, Garl.

    Jacque Smith is building the desk. As soon as it’s completed, pictures will be posted. (It’s 98% done now, but the last
    2% always takes longer than you think.)

  3. Garl said

    Is Jacque local? The work is exquisite and the design is just awesome. Can’t wait to see the final product. Oh, and Hi Bob.


  4. kernelbob said

    Yes, her shop is in Springfield. And yes, the workmanship and design are outstanding.

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