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Elise in the Ditch

Posted by kernelbob on December 14, 2008

Don't do this.

Don't do this.

Yarj!  I drove my Elise into a ditch last night!

The Emberex Holiday Party was at our house last night. I always park the Elise at the end of the driveway so people can find the right house.  (The car’s a celebrity, after all.)  After the party I got a ride to the end of the driveway to get the car.

It was raining (or maybe snowing) and cold, and the Elise was all fogged up.  I couldn’t see forward at all, but it’s my own driveway.  How lost could I get?

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Emberex Holiday Party

Posted by kernelbob on December 13, 2008

We hosted Emberex’s holiday party at our house last night.  It was fun.  I found out that one of Emberex’s core competencies is alcohol consumption.  I wonder if there’s a market for custom software written while inebriated…

I got a switchblade mustache comb and a sequined thong in the gift exchange.  Those were truly the perfect gifts for me.  Maybe I’ll model the thong for this ‘blog some time.

We collected some loot — I found two cameras, a pouch, a Leatherman tool, and someone’s bonus check when I cleaned the house today.

It started snowing during the party, and someone put their car into the ditch at the bottom of our driveway.  More on that later…

Too much booze, racy underwear, misplaced funds, and an automotive mishap.  Practically a Convex-level party.

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