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All pinball, all the time.

Posted by kernelbob on July 20, 2008

Yesterday Brad and I went to California Extreme.  CA Extreme is an arcade game show.  There were several dozen pinball tables there and countless video consoles.  I don’t know how many games I played, but it was many.  We also attended a couple of talks, and I met famous designer Steve Ritchie, who is even more deaf than I am.

I saw a Monster Bash there for sale for $6400.  That’s overpriced, but still…

Then, back at Brad’s house, we played ball with his son Dax for a while, had supper, and — yes! — played more pinball after dinner.  Brad has four excellent games: Black Knight 2000 (by Steve Ritchie), Star Trek, the Next Generation (by Steve Ritchie), Scared Stiff, and Star Trek 25th Anniversary.  I played until my wrists were throbbing, probably a couple of hours.  (I didn’t actually get to the throbbing stage at the show.)

Then we watched the DVD, Tilt, about the decline and fall of the pinball industry.

Did I mention that I’m sleeping in the game room, surrounded by pinball and video games?

It was a fun day.  I just wish there were more pinball in it.


One Response to “All pinball, all the time.”

  1. Thomas said


    I took a long motorcycle ride with Eiji to Crater Lake on Saturday (7-19). There was a ton of smoke there too, but it was a great ride.
    BTW, could you please steal the following from the Monster Bash game while you are there?
    a new Frank, a new light for the Phantom flip on the right side, a new bumper (the one the gets you closer to lighting up the Mummy).


    Have a good trip!

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