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Scheme project is on hold.

Posted by kernelbob on January 1, 2010

I’m officially putting my Scheme interpreter project “on hold” for a while. Progress has slowed to a virtual stop. It’s not because I’ve lost interest, but because I’m lost.

Simultaneously learning to think in Scheme, implementing hygienic macros through syntax-case, and (re)designing the core interpreter has proven to be too much. I haven’t been able to hack my way through it.

Someday I’ll pick the project up again. I’m still very interested in it. Maybe I’ll continue from the same code base, and maybe I’ll start over.


One Response to “Scheme project is on hold.”

  1. Over time, I’ve kept a directory of my attempts at implementing Scheme. There are five partial attempts in there. I started with a new code base each time but cut and paste bits from the previous one to the new one. With all these bits available, a few days ago I put together a basic Scheme interpreter (no macros etc) in about 900 lines and an afternoon. None of it is lost time. 🙂

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