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See Bob. See Bob bob. Bob, Bob, bob!

Video Test 2

Posted by kernelbob on August 21, 2009

Want to make the Internet a better place?

Help me out by watching these two tiny video clips (7 seconds each). Then come back here and post a comment and say whether the video worked for you.

Link to video page



4 Responses to “Video Test 2”

  1. Robin Rosenberg said

    Bruce-SKEtta!! Yum, yum! The video apparently was too fast for my poor little laptop, but the slower one looked great.

  2. amber said

    I don’t know who this Bruce guy is, but I could see both of them, and they made me dizzy.

  3. Casey Heckman said

    While using my three year old now-sucky-but-not-too-sucky laptop, Windows, both Chrome 2.0 and FF 3.0, using the Quicktime plugin, the larger HD video was choppy and some parts of the audio cut out. If you’re thinking of posting these on the interwebtubes for general consumption, I recommend the smaller lowdef format. Also, the video controls on both videos were cut off — looks like you need to increase the height of the object and embed tags by about 5-7 px.

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