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Venice and the Lake District

Posted by kernelbob on August 12, 2009

He had to duck.  So did I.

He had to duck. So did I.

We left Venice on Monday morning.  The hotel has a back door that opens directly onto a canal.  We walked out that door and embarked onto a water taxi.  (That makes the fourth boat we’ve ridden on this trip.)  The taxi ride was great fun.  We stood up in the back and gawked like the tourists that we are.  I have a video for eventual upload.  The taxi took us to Piazzale Roma, where we picked up our rental car.

We drove from Venice to our hotel in the town of Desenzano del Garda on the south shore of Lake Garda.  We checked in and looked around the town.  It was very hot.

This is as close as we got.

This is as close as we got.

On Tuesday, we drove to Breschia to see the Musee de Mille Miglia (Mille Miglia Museum).  It looked like a very interesting place.  Unfortunately, the Musee is closed this week.  Bummer.

So we re-planned.  Anne had a book with some driving tours, and we were only 30-40 km from one of those, so we took a short cut over the mountains to Lake Idro.  Lake Idro was very nice, and we followed the tour back to the far north end of Lake Garda.  Then we drove along the west bank, stopping in various towns along the way.  Then we returned to Desenzano del Garda and stopped in a bar to people-watch.

Clouds in the sky and on the mountainside above Lake Garda

Clouds in the sky and on the mountainside above Lake Garda

The town of Limone sul Garda

The town of Limone sul Garda

First Lambo

First Lambo

I also got a chance to Lamborghini-watch.  I saw 3 1/2 Lambos in Desenzano.  The Gallardo Superleggera pictured here, a black Murcielago that cruised our sidewalk spot repeatedly, and a silver Gallardo Spyder (convertible).  On the way out of town, I caught a glimpse of a car in the Lamborghini dealer’s showroom.

No Ferraris, though.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

— Hunter S. Thompson

Then the trip got weird.  Our original trip called for a third night in Desenzano del Garda then a short drive to Milan.  But we didn’t like our hotel, so we decided to go someplace else.  We checked out this morning (Wednesday), drove through Milan, then north into Switzerland.  When we found a place to park in Switzerland, we bought a map and considered our options.  Interlaken?  Lucerne?  Look for an off-season ski resort?

We ended up driving into Locarno at the north end of Lake Maggiore.  We went to the tourist information bureau, and the helpful guide booked us a room at a very nice (and very expensive) hotel for tonight.

Feet with lake

Feet with lake

Locarno has a funicular, and our hotel has its own stop on the funicular.  We rode the funicular down to the waterfront for dinner, then rode back.  Then we sat on our balcony and watched the lake get dark.

Tomorrow, to Milan.

Same vista, different lighting

Same vista, different lighting

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