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Meet Mito.

Posted by kernelbob on August 12, 2009



This is Mito, our rental car for four days.  It is an Alfa Romeo. Mito means Myth, I’m told.  It’s been a delightful car.  It has a six speed manual and a diesel engine that could use a little more oomph.  It likes to squeal its tires on switchbacks.

I wanted to rent a car that is not available in the US.  When we decided we were going to Italy, I decided to rent an Italian car.  We couldn’t afford a Ferrari, so I settled on this Alfa hatchback.

Not bad looking

Not bad looking

People cautioned us about driving in Italy.  But it hasn’t been a problem.  I’ve seen more dangerous traffic in Boston and New Jersey.  We did get lost leaving Venice, but got back on track quickly enough.  We stopped at a truck stop off the Autostrada and bought a carte stradale (road map), then we had no further issues.

Until we got to Switzerland.

Switzerland still uses their own money, the franc.  We did not have any francs when we got to Switzerland.  We went quite a few km before we found a legal place to park without paying in Swiss coins.  When we did, it was at another truck stop where we had a delicious lunch — mozarella and tomato sandwiches on chewy rolls.

Looks better from the back.

Looks better from the back.

We have to give Mito back tomorrow in Milan.  We will have been together for about 1500 km.


One Response to “Meet Mito.”

  1. Harriet said

    Dang! Well, Bob, of course you did not have a problem driving…I am sure you fit right in 🙂

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