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Budapest: Hotel Karma

Posted by kernelbob on August 8, 2009

A modern hotel room in an ancient city

A modern hotel room in an ancient city

I whined about the hotel rooms we had in Prague and Vienna.  Apparently, we earned some karma points in those two cities, because the hotel in Budapest was delightfully modern, well-equipped, and… Air conditioned! We immediately cranked the thermostat down to 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) and left it there for two days.

The hotel is a Novotel.  It looks like it was either built or remodeled in the last five years.  Thoroughly European design and thoroughly modern.

Tour Perform America, the company who arranged the tour, were smart.  They started us at the Top Hotel in Prague, a Communist monument to misunderstanding why people go to Vegas, then the Hotel Tabor in Vienna was a little better, then the Novotel in Budapest was better yet.  (Brno didn’t fit that pattern, we got a nice hotel there before Vienna.)

If we’d gone straight from Portland to the Novotel, we’d have been underwhelmed.  In sheer comfort and amenities, it didn’t quite match the Hampton Inn at the Portland Airport.

Anyway, hooray for the Novotel!


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