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Prague, second day

Posted by kernelbob on July 31, 2009

A BustStill in Prague.  Today, I went to a museum dedicated to Alfons Mucha, the Ars Nouveau painter.  Then went to the Museum of Communism but didn’t go in.  Instead, walked around a commercial district for an hour.   Had lunch in a French sidewalk cafe with impeccably French service (i.e., poor).  Then rode the Metro about a mile into a newer part of the city where I met up with the choir.

I think I got a good mix of Prague-for-Tourists and Prague-for-Locals today.

The bus took us to  Antonín Dvořák’s home in Nelahozeves.  it is adjacent to a castle which we also looked into.  Then the bus  took us to another town where the choir sang in a church.  I regret that I don’t know the name of the church or the town.

choirA good day.

One Response to “Prague, second day”

  1. vlm said

    Thanks! Photo of church and choir inspiring!!!!

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