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The Journalism Crisis

Posted by kernelbob on May 29, 2009

The blogosphere is atwitter.  The twitsphere is ablog.  Newspapers are dying. Journalists are watching their careers swirl away.  Their childrens will have no shoes.  Oe noes!

Technology does that.   Whether it’s videotape factories closed by the DVD, railroads shut down by the commercial jet, buggy whip makers with no future but to symbolize obsolescence, or monks made redundant by Gutenberg, technology destroys industries, professions, and ways of life.

The difference this time is that these journalists can write.  It’s what they do all day every day, and they’re good at it.  The emotion behind the story behind the news is what they’re talented, trained and practiced at bringing to life.  So when a sad story shows up right there in the office, they’re going to jump on it and pump it hard.  They don’t even have to open a phone book ask Google for sources and leads, sources are right across the hall packing up their desks.

So we, the reading public, get front row seats for this transformation, and it’ll seem like a bigger deal than it is.  Or maybe the other industry shutdowns  seemed smaller than they were.


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