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Announcing kbscheme

Posted by kernelbob on November 22, 2008

I published my scheme interpreter on gitorious.  Now you can follow along.  It needed a name, so I called it kbscheme.  Not a brilliant name but it’ll do.

Here’s the project blurb.


This vanity project is yet another implementation of the Scheme programming language.

Project goals:

  • I want to learn Scheme.
  • I want to write something in C. I’ve been using higher level languages and my C is rusty.
  • I want to write a garbage collector. They’ve always fascinated me, but I’ve never written one.
  • I have some research ideas about garbage collection that I want to explore.

Project non-goals:

  • a production-quality Scheme interpreter
  • full implementation of the language

Check it out, Brandon.

Hint to the git-ignorant (as I was very recently).  Go to the repositories/mainline page and click on the “More info…” links,  Those will show the exact commands needed to copy (clone) the tree onto your local disk.

Actually, I’m still git-ignorant.  Gotta work on that…


2 Responses to “Announcing kbscheme”

  1. […] Announcing kbscheme […]

  2. I’ve been working on implementing Lisp upto “lambda” in C. See the results. I’m not sure how I’ll do garbage collection.

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