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Motocorsa Track Day, October 6th

Posted by kernelbob on October 9, 2008

Motocorsa held a track day for cars at Portland International Raceway this Monday.  They didn’t get enough drivers to sign up, so they opened the event to bikes.  Got lots of bikes.

There were just two run groups, one for bikes and one for cars.  So each group was on the track for half the day.  That was great.

The track was very wet in the morning, and the Elise was slithering like an eel on the wet pavement.  Even though I was going slow, my sphincter got a workout.  It was totally unpredictable where it would lose traction next.

In the afternoon it dried out, and I started working on threshold braking and trail braking, which was what I’d planned on.  I tend to chicken out on the straights and brake too early.  So I kept pushing my braking points later and forcing myself to stay on the throttle.  Finally, in the second afternoon session, I couldn’t shed enough speedat the end of the front straight, and I went off.  I went off straight and didn’t hit anything, which was good. And now I’m a little better at braking.

I went back out in the last session and everything came together.  I felt like I was consistently fast.  And somehow I got away from everyone else.  I didn’t see another car at all for about ten laps.  Then I caught up with an Exige and an NSX.

Famous motorcycle racer and builder Michael Czysz showed up in his Ford GT.  It was much faster than anything else on the track.  He gave a lot of people rides.  I didn’t ask for one because I was having too much fun driving.


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