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Not another Scheme interpreter!

Posted by kernelbob on September 11, 2008

I’m getting psyched about the idea of writing a Scheme interpreter.  I’m wondering what’s the absolute minimum amount of C code you have to write to be able to bootstrap it.


  • I don’t know Scheme.  I took a couple of classes that used Lisp way back when, but don’t really know Lisp or Scheme.  There’s no better way to learn a language than to implement it. (-:
  • I want to write something in C.  My C is very rusty, since I’ve been using Python exclusively for the last year, and C++ for the last fifteen years.
  • I want to write a garbage collector.  They’ve always fascinated me, but I’ve never written one.
  • I have some research ideas about garbage collection that I want to explore.

Lazyweb request: Do you know of any good tutorials or textbooks that describe how to write a Scheme interpreter (or any similar language)?

So far, I’ve found these resources.

Scheme in One Defun

An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation

The latter is unfinished.  The former isn’t a tutorial, it’s an example.  Still, it’s good to see what the author had to write in C.

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