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Posted by kernelbob on July 19, 2008

Smoke along Hwy 96

Smoke along Hwy 96

Today I’m writing a travel ‘blog.  I’m in the middle of a short road trip to California.

Yesterday after work I drove down to Ashland.

Today I drove through a forest fire, found the Travel Log, and entered the Bay Area.

Here’s today’s route.

A couple of months ago, I found a very cool map.  Harley-Davidson Great Roads.  It shows how to drive – er, ride – from Seattle to San Diego in only two weeks.  I won’t be doing exactly that trip, but I’d like to ride it piecemea

Today’s piece was CA 96 which runs west across the north end of the state from Yreka to Willow Creek.  It was 130 miles of great driving road with hardly any traffic. The bonus surprise is that it took me right up to a forest fire.  I never saw any flames, but I was under a smoky haze for well over 100 miles.  I didn’t really get out of the smoke until I was on the coast.

travel log

Travel Log

Then I left the H-D approved route, cut over to the coast, and headed down 101.  I wanted to see the Avenue of the Giants again, and I wanted to find Charles Kellogg’s Travel Log.  I found the Travel Log, took a short hike in the redwoods, and drove the whole length of the Avenue.

Then down through wine country, over the bay, and into San Jose.  Got to my friends’ house about 10:00, which was late but they were expecting me.

Tomorrow, Brad and I are hitting California Extreme!


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