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Nand Gates to Tetris

Posted by kernelbob on June 7, 2008

If you haven’t seen this, you should go see it.

From NAND Gates to Tetris in 14 Weeks.

It’s an undergraduate class that starts by building simple logic circuits, uses those to build sequential circuits, then registers, CPUs, VMs, compilers, OSes, and applications.  Every project builds on the last one, and at the end, the student has a game (Tetris) every part of which he has constructed himself, down to the NAND gates.  Okay, not really, but he’s been exposed to every level of technology and should have good comprehension of how each layer is implemented.

The whole textbookSelected chapters of the book, the problem sets, the simulator software, and the unit tests are available free at the above URL.

Pretty amazing stuff!


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