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Oregon’s Bespoke Vehicle Makers

Posted by kernelbob on June 4, 2008

I found two more local small-time vehicle manufacturer this weekend.

Galen Cycles is a bicycle builder near Roseburg.  They specialize in carbon fiber frames.

And MotoCzysz is designing an all-new racing motorcycle in Portland.  The project is ambitious and well-funded.

They join Brammo Motorsports, who make the Ariel Atom in Ashland*, Dennis Palatov, who’s ever so slowly creating the DP1 single-seater track car, and  Randy Grubb of Grant’s Pass who created Jay Leno’s famous Tank Car.  There are probably more that I don’t know about yet.  I’m sure there are four or five other bike frame makers.

Is Oregon special?  Or are there tiny manufacturers following their dreams in other areas too?  Conventional wisdon isn’t, “Performance vehicle cottage industry?  Go to Oregon!”

* I have heard rumors, but know no facts, about Brammo selling off the Atom business.


One Response to “Oregon’s Bespoke Vehicle Makers”

  1. […] Famous motorcycle racer and builder Michael Czysz showed up in his Ford GT.  It was much faster than anything else on the track.  He gave a lot of people rides.  I didn’t ask for one because I was having too much fun driving. […]

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